Glycolic Acid Lotion for Skin Cell Turnover

If you are worried about aging and want younger, fresher skin, consider trying glycolic acid lotion. Glycolic acid is an exfoliant that helps reveal new skin. However, it can be irritating to the skin so if you find your face is getting red or stinging you may want to reduce your glycolic lotion use to every other day rather than every day. Many women use glycolic acid products for the treatment of adult acne, fine lines and wrinkles. There are high end products as well as drugstore products with this ingredient.

It is important to check the percentage of glycolic acid contained in the lotion, cream or serum you are considering. Some experts will tell you not to bother with any product that has a concentration of less than 10 percent glycolic acid. There are some drugstore products that go up to 12 percent, as well as even stronger lotions available from the dermatologist. Your dermatologist can evaluate your skin problems and recommend the right kind of product for your needs. When using these products care must be taken to follow all precautions. Read all product literature to make sure you understand proper use of the product.

Usually, the lotion or cream with glycolic acid will be applied towards the end of your skin care routine. A few minutes after the lotion or cream has penetrated your skin, it is important to use a moisturizer and sunscreen. Not only can glycolic acid dry out the skin, it makes it more susceptible to sunburn. And, this ingredient helps draw moisture to the skin and hold it there, making your daily moisturizer even more effective. There are many advantages to glycolic acid products for most adult skin types.

You can find entire lines enriched with glycolic acid. For example, there might be a cleanser, toner and glycolic lotion in a product line. As mentioned before, never forget sunscreen because sun damage while using this type of product may result in dark spots on the face. If you already have dark spots, this type of natural exfoliant can help fade them when proper care is used to protect skin from the sun. Often women who suffer from hormonal melasma turn to glycolic acid creams to fade the dark spots caused by this condition. There are many uses for this skin care product.



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